ASIA COMM HOLD<00104> - Exceptional Turnover Movement

The Stock Exchange has received a message from Asia Commercial Holdings 
Limited which is reproduced as follows:-

"This statement is made at the request of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong 
Limited (the "Stock Exchange").

The Board of Directors ("Directors") of ASIA COMMERCIAL HOLDINGS LIMITED 
(the "Company") has noted the increases in the trading volume of the 
shares of the Company of March 19, 2003 and wish to state the Directors 
are not aware of any reasons for such changes.

The Directors confirm that there are no negotiations or agreements 
relating to intended acquisitions or realizations which are discloseable 
under paragraph 3 of the Listing Agreement, neither are the Directors 
aware of any matter discloseable under the general obligation imposed by 
paragraph 2 of the Listing Agreement, which is or may be of a 
price-sensitive nature.

Made by the order of the Board of Directors of the Company, the Directors 
of which individually and jointly accept responsibility for the accuracy 
of this statement.

By the order of the Board

SUM Pui Ying
Company Secretary

Hong Kong, March 19, 2003"